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When will you be Lucky? 

MyLuckyTimes tells you the times when to push your Luck. On-line?  Casino? Need a raise? 

Don't randomly try your Luck. Get specific times based on your personal 'energy' fingerprint.  

Know when you are hot! 30 years of scientific research can now give you the edge.

Be a Winner at the game of Life! 

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    There are Good Times for All when the Sky FORCE  is going in everyones favor. See the next few days here.

  • How Our System Works

    Use the mathematics of the 'FORCE' of planetary relationships to win.  Our system is not 'interpretive' but based on science.

  • What You Get

    Personalized timing advice to our customers for participating in life events that contain a bit of luck.

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    Make the most of your lucky times by getting personal results based on your individualized calculations.  Get started now!


When we are born, in our first breadth we are imprinted with the 'energy' of the universe, which is represented in our Solar System by the location of the planets. How we tick is based upon the placement of those planets and their relationship to one another. As the planets keep moving they form angular relationships to the positions of where they were at our birth. The scientists at MyLuckyTimes have created a breakthrough mathematical model that measures the FORCE* of our solar system based upon planetary angular relationships. MyLuckyTimes zooms in on specific planet relationships that are related to Luck. Then it isolates specific time slots for individuals using their birth date. Everyone experiences those runs of 'good luck' every now and then. Using the quantum physics of the universal FORCE that permeates our lives, the MyLuckyTimes model provides those times. 

 *F.O.R.C.E stands for Frequent Orbital Reactions' Calculated Energy model (FORCE).

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