Below are some customer questions and answers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Q: From a 1/5/14 email: hello. can you explain to me plz more about your concept?

A:Thanks for your interest. At MyLuckyTimes we provide our customers with very specific windows of time to try their Luck. Should it be competing in a sport, games of chance or any other time when you want to push your luck (ask for a raise).  Over the last 30 years we have created a scientific computer model of all of the angular relationships that the planets are forming. First, how the planets are relating to each other in the Sky. Second, how those planets relate to a persons birth chart. This is not Astrology. This is a mathematical representation of the FORCE. Under the 'What your Get' tab you can see two other tabs 'The Force and You' and 'How It Works'. Plus you can go back and read the technical blogs about the 'Physics of it All'. We have two websites. Our sister site www.myliferhythms.com is the macro view, meaning we add up the 'net' values of all of the Sky event (Sky FORCE)  and plot them on the graph for each day. Then we do the same thing to your birth date chart and sum up all the planet relationships (positive and negative) and plot those as the Personal FORCE. You can see examples at www.myliferhythms.com. MyLifeRhythms is the 'macro' view of the planets as they relate to each other in the Sky on any given day and how the relate to you. As said before, MyLuckyTimes zooms in on your chart at the 'micro' level. We grind through all of the data, for each minute of time, for the time period requested i.e. 30 Days.We are looking for specific periods of time when those planets that relate to Luck are 'shining down' on you or pairing up in the Sky. We find those specific time slots and those are what we call a Lucky Times Event. Sometimes they last a few hours, sometimes, just minutes. Also, sometimes you see a bunch of Lucky Times events during a day and the all look like they are for one contiguous period of time, but really in the back ground, the total value has changed. (See the Legend at the 'What you Get' tab). The reason for this is the planets move at different speeds and for example, the Moon moves very fast and over the course of a day when there may be a slower moving planet supporting your Luck all day, the Moon may come in for an hour and give you additional support, thus changing the value. This was kind of lengthy but hope it helps answer your questions. 

Q: Why should I believe you?

A: I understand trust is a hard thing to obtain. My best answer is to tell you to read through the material we have provided on this site and the links to our other sites, then make a decision. To get to where we are is many years of trial and error until we have gotten the computer models to a point that I believe provides our customers with the best timing advice available in the world. MyLuckyTimes and the sister site MyLifeRhythms is the mathematical representation of the FORCE that permeates our lives. I know when to "duck" and I know when to push based upon the computer output. I am not trying to predict anyone’s future, the planets will be where they are going to be and the relationships to your planets will exist. You need to decide what actions you want to take and how it is going to manifest, all I have done is the math to show you when the FORCE is with you to take chances with MyLuckyTimes, and when the FORCE is with you or against you with the MyLifeRhythms site. Put simply, MyLifeRhythms is the daily macro picture, where MyLuckyTimes is the micro time sliced view of the FORCE as related to you. All I can tell you is after 30 years I am putting my best foot forward.


Q: How could this have any value when your prices only start at $1.99?

A: I get that. I have been doing time slices for folks going off to gamble for years. Since most of them are only going for a weekend, I really only had to analyze about 4 days worth. Even though I am pretty quick at it, it would still take me about 1 hour to do a weekend for someone. You have to look back in time to see if there are any long timeframe events you have to take into consideration. I started to put the automation requirement together a couple of years ago which basically had to take my analytical process and break it down into a comprehensive set of rules for a programmer to understand. Thus, now after the years of planning and work, the coding on the back end is done and it is fully automated without human involvement, which, as you can imagine eliminates human error. Therefore, what may have taken me 3-4 hours to manually do a 30-day evaluation for someone, now take less than 4 seconds. I think that is pretty cool. Therefore, instead of $300 for my time for a 30-day view, we can get it out to the world at a very affordable price. 

Q: Do you do astrology charts?

A: I am sorry but we don't. Have spent all the effort to move from an interpretive view to a physics/math view. If you use the contact us page, we can recommend one for you.

Q: What if I do not gamble?

A: MyLuckyTImes is all about timing for when you can take positive actions for yourself. Whereas I do use it for planning when to go to Las Vegas, it is also a guide for when to take any specific action when I want to push my agenda. It is really the simple things in life that we like to go smoothly. For example, I recently had a mess up with a technology purchase. Instead of taking chances and getting the run around, I waited until there was a solid MyLuckyTimes for me. In one-call -3 minutes - resolved. Since I get to see when the FORCE is with me, and follow it, life gets saner. 


Q: Why are the Good TImes for all (The SKYFORCE) and my times different?

A: Great question! The SKYFORCE is measuring the way the planets in the sky relate to each other in the sky and those events are what are posted in the Good Times for All section. When we add your PERSONAL FORCE events to the data and run our time slice routines, though the SKYFORCE may show a 4 hour window of Good Times for All, your PERSONAL FORCE may have negative events occurring that will cut into that 4 hours or completely eliminate it as a good time for you.




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