Good Times For All

As the planets relate to each other in the sky on a daily basis, we measure the FORCE and parse out those time slots when Lucky times appear for everyone. This means that the FORCE is in support of folks taking a chance. These are not your personalized Lucky Times, but say for example you are thinking of having a social event or need to reach out to someone, these are the best times to take those lucky actions. We provide these times in Pacific Time Zone (GMT-8), so you need to do the Time conversion to your local time zone. Go here to see how many hours to adjust.

Below are the next 7 days of GOOD TIMES FOR ALL. Place your cursor over the bubbles to see details. To get your personalized times click here.

We have searched for Lucky Times for you based on the requested dates. Unfortunately, there are no times for you to push your luck. This may because of a protracted negative Sky Force.

Good news is that you know this is not the time to take chances. Stay cool. Request personal time periods to find your own Lucky Times!

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