What You Get

Below is a sample of the output you will receive when you make a MyLuckyTimes purchase. You will see your Lucky Times Events in a Bubble and a Line Graph view. You can also see them in a list data view. YOU CAN EVEN DOWNLOAD TO YOUR PERSONAL CALENDAR and get reminders!

                                                       PLACE YOUR CURSOR OVER THE BUBBLES TO SEE THE LUCKY TIMES EVENTS

Click and drag in the plot area to zoom in.


The bubbles get larger and they turn from Green to Gold as your Luck increases! You can see that the bubble chart of the above individual has a bunch of Lucky Times Events occurring during the 30 days shown.

Many times the events look like they are stacked upon each other. This is because we are measuring every minute of each day to find all of the precise time slots and the FORCE changes all the time.

                                          PLACE YOUR CURSOR OVER THE DOTS TO SEE THE LUCKY TIMES EVENTS

Click and drag in the plot area to zoom in.



Use your Lucky Times to help guide when to take chances, try your luck or compete in an activity. The stronger the FORCE is in your favor, the more you can push your luck. Let’s say there is competition in an activity you enjoy.  MyLuckyTimes will assist you in deciding which date is best for you to compete.  Want to ask for that raise, invite someone for a date, or plan a party? Pick the right time for you to get lucky and quit being left to random outcomes.

The computer program looks at the Sky FORCE and your Personal FORCE for the entire period of time that you have ordered. 24/7. It is programmed to select those periods of time when the FORCE is with you to take action in your life. Any MyLuckyTimes event that appears is great to have, but, some are stronger than others. Therefore, each of your lucky times are based on a FORCE value scale of 1-10. However, there are times when multiple events may be occurring in the Sky FORCE or your Personal FORCE at the same time. When added together, those FORCE values have a strength of greater than 10. Below is a brief description of the FORCE values:

1-3 – The FORCE is with you with mild strength. Go ahead and take small chances. This may be a time to ask a favor of someone

4-6 – The FORCE is on your side with medium strength. Take your actions with confidence knowing you have the support of the Force.

7-10 – The FORCE is strongly on your side. Taking chances during these times should be rewarding

10* - These are superior good luck times. Your ability to win is highly probable.

10** - These are exceptional good luck times. Take actions with confidence of success.

10*** - These are excellent good luck times. You can take actions with strong confidence.

10**** - These are extreme good luck times.  This is the second best type of having the Force on your side. Go for it.

10***** - These are the strongest good luck times possible. This is when you push for what you want in all actions you take.


When you view the information in graph mode, the on the scale of 1- 10***** you will see how lucky you can get! 

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